Key Digital Trends in Ecommerce

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The ecommerce trends you need to know

In today's ecommerce world, disruption is ever-present. Technological development continues to outpace corporate strategy. Tech giants step up their play for the ownership of the customer in a huge and rapidly expanding market; UK ecommerce alone is worth £174bn. meanwhile, brand equity has never been so easily diluted.

Zero UI

Cumbersome, physical interfaces are being superseded by voice, gesture and even thought-driven interfaces. Can you support your customers in a frictionless age of Zero UI?

Interface Imperialism

Big tech companies are diversifying their offers and expanding a whole range of services under one interface. Own the interface, and you own the customer.

Automated Purchasing

Your machines will soon re-order products on your behalf. It's called programmatic commerce, and your customers will be ready for it within 2 years. Will you be?

Proactive Peak Formation

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime Day, China Singles Day - these peak days are all diluting Boxing Day and January sales, but they're all to the beat of the tech giants's drums. So, what's your peak period?

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