Many organisations are struggling to initiate strategies that will make them relevant for Gen Alphas (aged 6-16) - the future generation of customers. And all the while, retail innovators like Amazon are setting the benchmark for their expectations.

Wunderman Thompson Commerce set out to discover more about Alphas and their views on everything from influencers and Amazon, to deliveries and the shop floor.

Below is just a taster - download the full report for the detail, insights and actions on how to develop an action plan to meet the needs of this new generation.

Generation Alpha brochure

Generation Alpha:
what really matters!

When asked what's most important in life, they list:

What matters most to Generation Alpha-1

They hold strong values & principles

So be ready to embrace them, treating them as human beings, not just consumers.


like to buy from companies trying to do good in the world


would like to work somewhere helping to save the planet


would like to work somewhere helping to save lives


want a job where technology makes a difference

Under the influence!

55% of Gen Alpha say they'd want to buy a product if their favourite YouTube or Instagram star was wearing/using it.

But friends rule! They outrank social media influencers and bloggers for most influence...


say friends influence them most on what to buy


say social media influencers/bloggers influence them most


say family members influence them most


say store assistants influence them most

Digitally native does not mean
digital only

Think omnichannel! And don't think there's any getting away from Amazon any time soon...


like the experience of going to a physical store


aged 10-16 have heard of Amazon more than Apple & Nike


of our Gen Alpha survey like Amazon


even know about Amazon Prime

Where do Gen Alpha shop today with their parents?


in a supermarket


on Amazon


on the high street


on a website other than Amazon

How do Gen Alpha want to shop in 10+ years?


via mobile, tablet or computer


in a physical store


through a voice assistant


on social media

Crossed wires or
cross-channel content?

1 in 5 is influenced by online video; but there's an interesting gender split (check the full report)

Social is key, with 57% inspired to purchase by social media ads...

What influences Generation Alpha

Other areas on our radar

DELIVERY EXPECTATIONS: 2.23 days is how long Gen Alpha are content to wait for online order deliveries. It's way less than 2.95 days for adults. Nearly half of children will share photos of their delivered order, too!

THE ROLE OF ONLINE INFLUENCERS: Native online influencers score more highly than heads of the biggest brands, retailers and marketplaces. Sorry Mr. Bezos and Mr. Cook, but you're behind Joe Sugg.

TYPE OF CONTENT HAS AN IMPACT ON INFLUENCE: Online videos (24%) came top, followed by social media posts (19%) and TV ads (19%).

AMAZON MON AMOUR? Amazon has been conditioning whole new swathes of customers to use its services. We examine how it's set to influence future expectations.

TECHNOLOGIES OF TOMORROW'S SHOPPERS: Nearly a quarter of kids have already purchased via a voice assistant. Find out how they want to shop in the years to come.


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