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Our new report seeks to identify trends in B2B purchasers' digital buying behaviours with the aim of helping to influence manufacturers and suppliers strategies, to ensure they're ready for the consumer and the channels of the future.

Download the report now and find out:

  • Where most B2B purchases are made, where the buying process starts and what percentage is online?
  • How is COVID-19 influencing this?
  • What's most important when buying from manufacturers and suppliers?
  • Which platforms are being used to purchase?
  • What drives their decision making?
  • What are the biggest B2B pain points?
  • What's more convenient - Amazon marketplace or supplier portals?

B2B purchasing online on the rise

B2B online purchases have increased by nearly a quarter (24%) since last year. Nearly half (46%) of all B2B purchases are now made online. 

Clearly the B2B industry, like B2C, is entering a time when digital sales are on the rise. This move must influence B2B organisations’ strategies. 

We asked What percentage of your B2B purchases were made online pre COVID-19 and currently? 


Purchases made online Pre COVID-19


Purchases made online during COVID-19

Which channels prove most popular?

Are we seeing a shift in channels as more move to online and what about Amazon?

59% said that they don’t currently buy through Amazon Business, but intend to in the future. 

We asked Which of the following channels is your business buying through pre and during COVID-19?


Purchase direct from suppliers online portal pre COVID-19


Purchase direct from Sales Representative pre COVID-19


Purchase direct from suppliers online portal post COVID-19


Purchase direct from Sales Representative post COVID-19

Changes in consumer behaviour

B2B buyers forced to switch suppliers.

When it comes to the pandemic and its effect on businesses, what impact has it had on business purchases?

We asked  Have you switched supplier for any business purchases as a result of COVID-19 and why?


Switched supplier for all bus. purchases


Switched supplier for some bus. purchases


Existing supplier out of stock


No online ordering available

Keep it simple

Despite a large proportion of B2B purchases being made online, overall, the experience seemingly is not what it should be. 43% said buying online is more complicated than buying offline - simplicity is needed.

We asked: What would make your B2B purchasing job easier?


Real-time inventory availability


Access to alternate suppliers


Clear fulfillment/shipping info.

The all important purchase journey

Getting the right product at the right time was revealed as more important than price for B2B customers.

We asked When buying products online from suppliers and manufacturers, what, if any, are the most important aspects to you?


Fast delivery


Product availability




Order tracking

B2B Pain points

To develop a strategic roadmap you must know the pain points.

We asked What are your biggest pain points when purchasing online for your business?


Product not in stock


Delivery information


Comparing products


No real-time stock

The role of technology in B2B

B2B consumers clearly desire B2C technology.

Over a third (36%) already use voice and augmented reality/virtual reality.

We asked: What technology should manufacturers and suppliers use more of to enhance your B2B experience?






Voice/augmented reality

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