Attraction is not enough. Brands need experience-driven commerce.

Just 18% of online consumers look for inspiration on branded sites (down from 33% in 2019). For the search phase, this percentage is up to 33%, but when it comes to actually purchasing, just 15% transact on branded sites. With half of these consumers being lost to other channels, that’s an alarming attrition rate. Something needs to be done – but what?

This new report addresses the what and how so that organisations can grasp the critical need for shoppable content and experience-based commerce, and know where to focus to bring both to life on their websites.

Content & Commerce report

Content focus

  • The traditional linear purchase process is no longer relevant
  • Why would consumers go direct to branded sites?
  • How to make the experience worthwhile
  • Understanding and catering for shopper profiles
  • Complete agility across the journey (learn, shop, buy)
  • Dilute the impact of price
  • Content across all stages of the customer journey
  • A seamless experience across all channels
  • Case study: Audi UK



Lessons from China 500x333


For all the challenges Chinese retailers faced with on-premise retail in many sectors all but suspended, and footfall and supply chains severely disrupted by restrictions on movement, numerous stories have emerged of innovation, resilience and cooperation. And these approaches are likely to prove both crucial and future-ready as businesses pivot to both safety and longer term success.

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Recovery - this is a renaissance 500x333


From the cease of trade, to failed businesses and high unemployment, the economic crisis triggered by the Black Death shares several similarities with what we are seeing today. And while COVID-19 won't come close to sharing the same mortality rates inflicted by the Black Death, its impact will be no less profound, and will result in wide-ranging social and economic changes that will reshape our lives.

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Brands and eCommerce 500x333


What is a brand in the world of digital commerce? Is it still as important as it once was? Or has the ease, speed, and convenience of online transacting watered down its impact? We look at 8 key areas in the world of eCommerce and branding, drawing on findings in the Future Shopper 2019 survey, where we interviewed more than 15,000 online consumers across 8 international markets.

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